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 Ryan with a bag of soy nuts

I've been a vegetarian since September of 2000. This is quite an accomplishment for me, as two Big Macs and super-size fries was my normal dinner in high school. It was a surprisingly easy transition and I've learned quite a bit since. Sharing what I've learned with friends, family, and people I've never met in person has been really rewarding. I'm learning a lot about animal rights, ethics, health, and the environment and how to live "in balance," so to speak. Cooking has become a favorite activity and I'm doing more in a week now than I did in a month when I ate meat. Perhaps most interestingly of all, even though I eat a subset of what I used to, I find myself eating a much wider variety of foods than before I became vegetarian.

If you're a new vegetarian, I hope that you'll find this journal useful and learn alongside me. There's something new around every corner when you become vegetarian, whether it's an issue about factory farming, a new outbreak of Mad Cow, or something as simple as a new recipe. If you're considering vegetarianism, I hope this journal will provide you the necessary information and inspiration to begin your journey. And if you're a long-time vegetarian, hopefully I'll be able to give you a fresh perspective on things.

When I'm not trying out new recipes or reading up on animal rights issues, I maintain any of a number of personal web sites. As you might expect, I'm also a webmaster by day. I'm a hip-hop emcee/producer and spend a lot of time either watching obscure cult movies or being a "tea snob."

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